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Alright, guys. It’s been nice, spring, summer and fall. But it’s getting cooler, and the time is ripe for us to make a little soup tonight. This is actually a throw-back several days, but most of the details are still fresh.

After the first cold day, we were well and truly ready for some soup. How excited was I?? This excited:


And boy, was there a lot to prep (here is the obligatory photo of all the ingredients):


If you note all those Asian ingredients – fresh seaweed, dope tofu, dank shrooms – it’s because we had just gone to the aptly named Asian Food Market.

Not pictured yet! the biggest carrot I’ve ever seen, shown next to my fat fist and a large julienned potato for some comparison:


Luckily, what could have taken ages was helped by knife-wielding partner in soupscapades, Audrye, or as Abby inexplicably calls her, babygirl dre-dre.

We got to adding some noodles:


Then, the aforementioned dank-ass toufu:


Soon enough, we had that jawn bubblin‘:


Meanwhile, we got a vinegar-whirlpool going – the whirlpool vortex is the key to keeping those poached eggs delicious!

Finally, here some photos of the finished products:

IMG_4773 IMG_4774


So, what are some important technical points to consider:

  1. Miso type: Shiro I like, for it’s mild flavor. This is what was used (in this exceptionally successful pot, btw) – however, we had already salty veg broth, so if using water, a stronger saltier ilk might be welcome.. there are several types.!!
  2. Mushrooms: yes, do it. So good w/ Miso, it’s insane. We ended up using oysters, but shiitakes might also be tight.
  3. Seaweed: be careful! So the salty, fishy, green was welcome, and added a tang to our broth. However, this is a strong flavor when boiled for a while: use as a garnish / in moderation, unless this is your centerpiece.. We avoided disaster, but I’d put less in next time.
  4. Noodles. A great way to make soup a meal.
  5. Tofu: Better when the label is in Chinese!

That’s all folks. Looking forward to a late fall and winter soup-naissance!


  1. Listened to while making: The night in Question, this American Life (but not boring!) twas’ a really interesting story
  2. Miso-to-water ratio: 1.33 tbsp/8 fl oz