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As one of the esteemed founders of this here blog attested to, there is quite a nip in the air in our beloved Brooklyn. But rather than complain about it, why not use the opportunity to join the hottest, most flavorful soup group around, the one that defies all ladles! I mean labels. Aside from the title of this blog, of course.

So after a day outdoors enjoying the more pungent ‘hoods in the area, my betrothed and I were looking for something to undo the damage mother nature had inflicted upon us. Obviously soup was the answer, but what type would not only warm our chilled bones, but provide the fiery heat our palates prefer?

We turned to the region most readily associated with spice: Asia. Non-specific, yes, but we had to start somewhere. A quick Google search led us to this woefully slow loading but very informative article.

After much debate on the pros and cons of various regional cuisines, we decided on the Sichuan-Style Chicken Noodle Soup, to satisy one party’s love of Sichuan pepper, the other’s love of fowl and carbs, and a common love of mushrooms and interesting spices.

The process was pretty simple:

  • Boil the noodles
Boiled noodles! How exciting!

Boiled noodles! How exciting!

  • Chop and sauté the aromatics
Requisite cutting board shot

Requisite cutting board shot

  • Add in broth, soy sauce, rice wine, and spices and bring to boil
  • Simmer for a bit for flavors to combine
  • Add in noodles and chicken
Store-bought, hand-shredded

Store-bought, hand-shredded

  • Top with some accouterments and serve!
Spoon to prove that it's soup

Spoon to prove that it’s soup

Some notes on the recipe:

  • If you’re exhausted from a day of walking around, exploring hidden away micromuseums, eating pie, and drinking cocktails, consider taking a shortcut on the chicken: buy a simple (ie, no seasoning beyond S&P) half rotisserie chicken. $5 at Whole Foods to save an hours work.
  • We also added in some garlic, because, as has been said, who doesn’t love garlic?!

Overall, the soup was just what we were looking for – warm, filling, but not without an added kick.

Accompaniments: Due to the high noodle content, none needed beyond a nice glass of cold white wine or a presumably delicious IPA.

Things we would do differently:

  • We played pretty fast and loose with the proportions on this recipe to suit our tastes – many more mushrooms, chicken, and noodles than what was called for. In retrospect, we probably should have added more broth to land the final product unquestioningly in the “soup” category.
  • Due a noodle water salting oversight, we added some extra salt at the finish.
  • Also, while the jalapeno garnish was good, some scallions would be a welcome addition.

What we listened to: Songza’s Today’s R&B and Rap Hits. Gotta love them raps.